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About Us

ReGenic was born in Adelaide, Australia in July 2016 and its creation came about in a somewhat unlikely manner.

ReGenic was born in Adelaide, Australia in July 2016 and its creation came about in a somewhat unlikely manner. Two ‘young men’ both in their 50’s who had become good friends through their relationship as musicians, were engaged in a conversation about a couple of mutual female friends who had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This conversation lead to a discussion about the chemicals that have been linked to Breast Cancer, and Cancer in general. What was alarming was that despite these links, these chemicals were still commonly used in various products including Soap, Shampoo, Cleaning products and Cosmetics.

As the conversation developed, the discussion started to focus on ‘why’ these chemicals were still commonly used. Perhaps the chemicals simply did not have viable replacements or ‘perhaps’ they were cheap and the big companies simply did not care about health implications. Being of inquisitive minds, the two friends researched the topic and discovered that safer alternatives did exist but it seemed that these safer alternatives were not as widely promoted as the traditional use of more toxic chemicals.

The two friends, Peter Marsella, who has a background in Chemistry, and Anthony Ferro, who has a background in Business and Marketing, became inspired to create a range of products that would provide safer alternatives to the commonly used chemicals. The synergy of the experience and skills of both partners seemed an excellent platform from which to launch this initiative. It was decided that the first range of products would be Organic Skincare.

The vision was to design,manufacture and promote a range of Skincare that was uniquely and genuinely Australian, High Quality, Effective,Value for Money, Ethical and of course Safe to Use.

The next two years were spent formulating, market testing and re-formulating until both partners were satisfied that they had a product which met the goals of their vision.
Crucial to their success was the selection of sustainable and wild harvested Australian Native Plants as the base ingredients. Just as important was the implementation of the latest advances in Science, ‘Cellular Extraction.’ This science is at the leading edge of skincare technology, globally. It is an Australian Science and it provides significantly higher potency levels of antioxidants and vitamins than were previously possible with older technology.

The Regenic range of skincare products was launched in February 2018.

"We get our inspiration from our concerns about the chemicals that are in most skincare."

Regenic Organics